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Family Law

Houston’s Preferred Family Law Attorney

When you need an experienced family law attorney in Houston, TX, M Halmagean Pllc is here to help. We assist our clients with divorces, custody modifications, child support modifications, back child support collection, and paternity suits--contested or uncontested. We also assist families with their efforts to adopt children, whether families are adopting from a foreign country or the United States. Count on us to represent you zealously. Please contact us for more information about the legal process. We want to hear from you.

Child Adoption Services

Our firm represents individuals who wish to adopt a child from the United States or another country. If you're thinking of starting a family or adding another member to your present family, adopting a child is a wonderful way to do it. He or she may be a healthy newborn, a teenager, or a special needs child.

There isn’t only one way to adopt. Though many families opt to welcome children from foster care and orphanages, there are other options. You may have identified a birth mother who will consent in writing to terminating her parental rights in your favor. Adopting a child is the ultimate gift of devotion and nothing short of extraordinary. Count on our adoption attorney to help you grow your family.

Making Stepparents Full-Fledged Parents

If you are a stepparent who has raised the biological children of your spouse, you can easily take your commitment one step further by adopting them. Stepparent adoptions are common, but like new child adoptions, they are easier to navigate with help from a seasoned stepparent adoption attorney. Let our firm help guide you.

Family Law Houston, TX

The Adoption Process

When parents begin the adoption process, they enter unknown territories. Laws governing the process of adoption may cover more than one state, and the emotions of adoptive parents may vary immensely during the adopting process. It takes time for the child and parent to develop a natural connection. As you embark on this journey, you'll discover that adoption can be rewarding and affordable, and adoption will forever change your life and the life of that child.

Who Needs a Family Law Attorney?

Attorneys are valuable allies for any family undergoing a major legal change, whether it’s divorce or adoption. M Halmagean Pllc is there for you during the good times and the bad times with legal guidance you can trust. A family law attorney can provide the support and source of knowledge you need to make the right choices for your future, as well as that of your family. 

Contact our firm today to speak with a family law attorney about your situation and learn how we can help. We proudly serve residents of Houston, Texas, and nearby areas.